Play the game that   fights  Coronavirus

100% of profits will help defeat Coronavirus, reduce the impact of the crisis on the most vulnerable and support health care services. See details of donations below. 


Match and connect your way through hundreds of levels on this epic puzzle adventure. It's the perfect distraction from lockdown and will help get everything back to normal sooner. 

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Charities Supported

Candy Crush makes £2m every day, let's use that to fight Corona.

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🦠Fun Distraction

🦠Raise Money for Health Services and Great Causes (without having to spend any money)

🦠Compete with friends

🦠Have fun, 100% FREE

🦠Great For Kids and Adults - Who will score higher?

🦠Just 100k users can raise over $1k every day for those in need - Let's go viral!

100% of profits from advertising and in app purchases go to supporting health services and great causes. Candy Crush made $2.5m every day in 2018 (link at bottom) imagine channelling that to the NHS. Even a tiny fraction of that would make a massive difference to those especially vulnerable.

The game is challenging and the perfect break from work. Let's use our new found boredom towards a good cause and help those in need.

We appreciate that people are facing financial difficulties due to this crisis which is why it is important for me to make this app FREE to play. You are still contributing simply by playing as the advertising will generate revenue that will go to the good causes. Any in app purchases will of course be very beneficial, much appreciated and have a huge impact. If you cannot afford it please do not make any purchases.

We saw an opportunity to use mobile gaming to make a difference. Lets make this go viral, please share with everyone you know and together we can support the most vulnerable.

We put this together in a hurry as the support is needed now, not tomorrow, so please forgive any issues. App games usually take months and hundreds of thousands to develop, we built this in 2 weeks. Please also forgive the advertising as all the profits from this will go to the charities listed below.

If you like the app please share and give us a 5* review, if not please contact us using the contact form below and we will respond to your feedback and try to fix any issues asap.

Charities supported:

The Charity Help Fund
The National Emergencies Trust (NET)

Relief International

Direct Relief
Partners In Health

Letter From The Founder
From Right: Moon CEO, Nic Charrington, CEO of Stonewall Charity Ruth Hunt, UWE Head of Events, Liv Brookes

Early estimates show that just 5 mins a day could raise £1 per user, so if all my Facebook friends got involved we could raise a combined £15,000 for amazing causes in one short month. If we could get as many downloads as an app called 'iFART', an app that solely plays fart noises, we could raise £0.5m everyday. So, please share far and wide. 


I, like many of us, found myself with time on my hands recently and thinking about what I could do to help. My grandparents are 90 and 96 and I’m very worried about them. This is what I came up with to take my mind off it and try to do something positive to help. I appreciate that many of us have money struggles at the moment which is why the game is free to play and supported by advertising. You may also make in-app purchases but please don’t if you cannot afford to. Playing without spending any money will still help. Find more info on the charities the profits will support on the app listing page or at 

Hey! Thanks for visiting. I made this mobile game to fight corona. 100% of the profits will go to charities working to bring corona to an end sooner or easing the impact of corona for the most vulnerable. Please check it out and spread it faster than the virus. It is a classic match 3 game like candy crush.

Candy Crush made $2.5m every day in 2018 if we can raise just a fraction of that we will make a huge impact. Regardless, it’s the perfect distraction from corona lockdown, so give it a go, fight corona, have some fun and let’s all come together to save lives and get back to normal. 

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